A little trip to Montana in September 2004

I drove up to Montana to visit my brother, Chris, and see our dad, Michael.
We did a little mountain climbing and some fishin'.


Chris and I tried to climb Granite Peak (12,799 feet), the highest point in Montana. We backpacked up East Rosebud Creek, slogged across the aptly-named Froze-to-Death Plateau, and camped in a saddle just below Tempest Mountain, within view of the objective. Unfortunately, we were hit with an early-season snow storm, which made camping a little rough. In the morning things did not look good for climbing class 4-5 rock! So, we bailed.

In the East Rosebud drainage.

Coming out of E. Rosebud

Froze-to-Death Plateau

Granite Peak

Cold camp.

As a consolation, we decided to climb Emigrant Peak (10,921 feet), above the Paradise Valley near Chris' home. Only problem was we had no idea what was the route. We studied the map and decided on a scree gully on the east side of the mountain. It worked out OK, but apparently its not the route that is normally done.

Finally, we hooked up with Dad and went for a little trout fishing.

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