We heard about a cool trek from La Cumbre Pass (16,000 feet), near La Paz, to the jungle of the Yungas region (4,000 feet) on ancient Inca road.  According to sketchy information we obtained from outfitters in La Paz the route would be around 50 km ending in a tiny town with questionable possibilities for transportation out, and, since it was the wet season, some of the bridges could be washed out.  Stephanie & I decided to go for it, while Buzz & Sue would mountain bike "The World's Most Dangerous Road" and meet us at Coroico, a lovely town in the jungle about 25 km from the end of the trek.
We had a pre-dawn start in 2 cm of fresh snow.  It was a short climb to Abra Chacurra.  The Appacheta (cairn) at this auspicious spot is at least 1000 years old! From the pass it was DOWN DOWN DOWN
We encountered very few people and no tourists.
The sign explains that work is being done on several bridges.  cause for concern ????
"Mucho peligrosso!"
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"Uh Oh!"
"No problemo!"
"Let's go!"

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