Tuscarora Trail 6-day, 252 mile race!
The Tuscarora Trail is a little use spur of the Appalachian Trail.  It was created only a few years ago by a merging of the old TT in Pennsylvania with the Big Blue Trail in Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia.  This race would traverse the entire trail from north to south.  At 4:30 a.m. on March 17, 2003, 20 runners lined up for the start.  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image!
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Fearless Race Directors Joe Clapper and David Horton ("The Odd Couple").  Joe ran the entire TT in a little under 4 days in 2000.
The first day was all about snow!  Most of the runners stuck together as breaking trail was very difficult.  Going was slow, and the leaders finished 42.3 miles in 12:05!  A few were out after dark, and four were unable to finish this stage.
We started at a typical Appalachian wayside, and walked 2 miles up the AT to the end of the TT.
David Horton & Bethany Hunter
Garett Graubins
Scott Mills (left) came out for the day
Me & Jeff Wilbur.  The route went right over those ridges in the background with not one switchback.  Steep!
Blow-downs & rocks all day, every day!
Steph leads Garett & Tim Lee during Stage 2.
Injuries began to plague the runners already on the second and third days.  Then, on Day 4 we were hit with steady, cold rain, with a high temperature of  37 degrees in the valleys and probably 30 degrees up high.  At the freezing temperatures at the higher altitudes everything was coated with a think layer of ice.  The ice was so thick on the tree branches that they drooped heavily over the trail and battered the runners with their icy fingers.  Everyone struggled with the cold and many who were injured were forced to drop out because they could not move well enough just to stay warm.  At the end of this stage only 8 of the original 20 runners were still in the race.

<here> for photos from the 5th and 6th stages!
Robert Tavernini (behind Steph) did not like the rocks
Sean Meissner and
Tracy Bahr

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